In the year 1982 AL-ESSAM United group were established as a holder for 15 companies,
Dealing with four main sectors, services, commercial trading, industrial and constructions, these companies were
categorized with a first class degree in Iraq and Jordan,
n The service sector Al-Essam United Group is holding 4 companies dealing with tourist, communications, Security ,
consultant engineering & agriculture.
These companies were established to support our sister companies with 45% from its total aim, the remain for total
market share
And they are taking 67% from the market share in the Iraqi territory.
In the commercial trading sector Alessam United Group took it's own policy to establish -4 companies for two major
aims, the first aim is to support the Iraqi market with all the new and the updated technology in the world with the best
offers and prices from different well known brands and regions according the market demand and according to the
government needs on the tender bases. In Iraq our company is holding and representing fifteen of the Best manufacture
companies for construction equipments in the world such as JCB ,Dynabac ,stteter & Shwing …etc this companies will
become number one as an agent holder in Iraq. The second aim is to be the first preferable supplier for Alessam united
group of companies due to it is expanding and it's needs.
Now Alessam United group is taking 77% from the market Share of the trading and commercial sector.
In the Industrial sector we are a market leader with 3 companies belonging to our group, we become a market leader
due to our professionally in choosing the Kind of industry and when, Iraq is one of few countries in the world which
owns a different kinds of raw materials, this raw materials needs the right and good investment to use it with a good
and reasonable benifitull results through cooperating with international companies.
Now we are taking 89% from the market share from the industrial sector.
In the construction sector we were in this field since 1972 through 4 companies, and as it is very well known to every one
that the construction sector is containing the electro mechanicals, steel structures, buildings, roads, water treatments,
bridges, dams, water tanks and water piping , we are trying with our companies to fulfill all these types of constructions
as a kind of construction integration company,
now we are trying with all the companies we own and we mange in our group to support our construction companies
due to our market needs and due to the need of rebuilt Iraq.
In the last 5 years we did projects in Iraq with amount 2 belion dollars
In these days and in the general conditions we are taking 85% from the market Share
In the Year 2004 we established our office in Amman – Jordan to be our head office for our requirements and needs,
it can be named our active office with the outside world due to it's geographical place and the easy communications
which can be done through Jordan.

With our Group of companies we are acting to supply different kinds of business, and with our 150 engineers and
business man we are welling to support and to study what ever project can be returned with a benifitull investment in
Iraq through our professionally group of companies

Our group has facilitated business for partners and investors who have expressed an interest to invest on Iraq.
We are looking forward to cooperate with you, for the benefits of mutual cooperation And to serve our beloved country.


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